Translation and Interpreting

English – Slovak – Italian

My name is Gabriela Gurová and I am qualified English to Slovak translator. I am one of the lucky ones;
I have been able to turn my passion into a career.

Since 2011, I have helped my clients throughout the world to communicate with their business partners and customers on new markets thereby helping them further increase their sales. For the majority
of them, we have maintained a long-term collaboration. My clients know that they can call me any time and, in addition to the language services I provide, they will also obtain additional information about Slovakia or Italy and the local culture.

If you are ready for your company to enter the Slovak market, create interesting and effective marketing messages, call or visit a Slovak client, then it will be my pleasure to help you.



Why here?


No intermediaries, additional costs
or communication delays.
I reply personally to all e-mails
and requests. Except for translation
and interpreting services,
I can provide you with
additional resources, e.g. information
on some particular market,
client behaviour specific
to a certain culture etc.


I always ensure that
the client feels unique.
I provide a free
consultation and prepare
a proposal. After its acceptance,
I keep the client informed
throughout the project and,
after the delivery or after
the interpreting event is over,
I keep in touch.


No one remains without feedback.
I answer every e-mail
within a very short time.
During the translation process,
I search for information
from many sources,
but I also stay in touch
with the client and ask questions
in order to attain the
highest quality of the target text.


preklady a tlmocenie


Technical texts:
instructions for use, technical specifications, safety sheets, transport documentation, patents, company documentation

Commercial texts:
catalogues, flyers,
promotional material, presentations,
website texts, commercial contracts, advert texts,
newsletters, product descriptions for e-shops

Fields of specialisation:
• economy • textile • fashion and shoes • cosmetics • optics • chemistry • metallurgical industry • engineering • rubber and plastics • tourism • electronics • accountancy • marketing • human resources and psychology

preklady a tlmocenie


Simultaneous interpreting
– Real-time simultaneous reproduction of speech
from one language to another.
– Where this type of interpreting is used:
workshops, conferences, courses
and similar events.

Consecutive interpreting
– Interpreting from one language to another
after the entire speech or a part
of it has been reproduced.
The interpreter does not interrupt the speaker,
but rather takes notes during the speech
and reproduces it afterwards.
– Where this type of interpreting is used:
fair trades, business meetings,
press conferences,
visits of the production plants.

Guide interpreting
– Assistance and help in communication
in everyday situations.
– Where this type of interpreting is used:
business trips, informal meetings and similar.
The interpreting service is available
in the Slovak Republic and abroad.

preklady a tlmocenie


– Revision of translated text by native speakers;
– Translation quality assessment.



– interpreting of telephone or Skype conversations,
– fast feedback via e-mail,
– language support in emergency communication.

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